Aston Educational Group Seeking English Teachers for China

About Aston Educational Group 

Aston Educational Group (AEG) oversees the Aston family of companies with interests in education and training in the PRC, Vietnam, Singapore and the US.

AEG is an active shareholder and investor in the education and training sector with a focus on Asia. We seek to invest in private companies where we can build value by providing capital and the resources of our partner and subsidiary companies and leveraging our significant experience and relationships in education in Asia and the USA.

Aston English operates more than 70 English schools in China. In 1996 Aston opened its first English language school in

Dalian and is now operating in more than 45 Chinese cities. Aston’s customized curriculum for the Chinese market ensures students achieve good English communication skills that will serve them well in the future.

Teaching English in China is a rewarding experience, whether you are looking for something to do during your gap year, you are looking for a drastic career change or you just want to do something interesting during your summer break. We at Aston are always looking for quality and energetic ESL teachers to join our team teaching English in China. We recruit English teachers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. These ESL teachers work as a team with our Chinese teachers in the classroom. So, knowledge of the Chinese language is by no means necessary, but interest in learning it is always welcome! Living and working in China, along with the free Chinese lessons offered by our qualified and experienced teachers provides a great advantage to teachers looking to continue their own education. It’s also very easy to find language exchange partners where you can teach English and they can teach you Chinese.

It is our top priority to find the most qualified and energetic teachers to provide the best learning environment. We have recruiting offices in North America, Europe, and here in China to ensure we have access to the best available teachers and make the application process as smooth as possible.

Yantai promo event, students painting

After being selected to work with us, our teachers are given the opportunity to attend one of our training sessions. We offer intensive TEFL courses in Dalian and Xi’an, China and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. For ESL teachers who are already certified, we also have a 2-day crash-course for teaching in China the Aston way. Ongoing training in the form of class observations and group workshops also keep our teaching faculty in prime condition throughout their employment with us.

Aston A+ also offers the comprehensive Teacher Accreditation Program to develop our teaching skills using technology and the most up-to-date teaching styles.

Take a look at our Information Packet here. This is a PDF file and you may download it if you like. Please make sure your browser has a PDF reader enabled.

(Need to have at least a B.S. or a B.A. to apply and teaching experience is a plus!)

For more information go to:

If interested in teaching in China email Fergal O’Toole at


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